******Q2 A HONOR ROLL********        

    Elizabeth E.  B,  Annika L  G,  Makenz A.  G,  Abby Rae  H,  Kellen Joseph  K,  Casey Megan  K,  Lucas R.  K,  Grant Everett  M,  Hunter Cameron  N,  Karly Dawn  N,  Nora Kaitlyn-Rose  P,  Levi D.  R,  Emily V.  W,  Hannah Ann  A,  Jordyn Leigh  G,  Shelby Grace  H,  Paige Taylor  H,  Stone Terris  P,  Paige Clementine  R,  Madalyn Claire  R,  Jane Frances  Z,  Makenna Mae  L,  Madison Dawn  M,  Ingrid Elise  S,  Reed Franz  T,  Rachel Clareis  B,  Shelby Paige  B,  Hunter Michael  D,  Abby Rose  H,  Emily Kate  K,  Ally Leigh  P,  Macy Ann  B,  Sydnie Grace  B,  Miranda M.  F,  Brandy Lynn  F,  Callie Josephine  G,  Madison Rose  H,  Brooklyn Grace  H,  Grace Elizabeth  M,  Molly Rae  N,  Darci Kay  R,  Nathaniel Levi  R,  Samantha Rae  S,  Cole Dean  S,  Cydney Elizabeth  T,  Amber Marie  B,  Kieren Allen  F,  Jadyn Leigh  G,  Taylor Jo  G,  Elayna Grace  H,  Lucille Magnolia  K,  Isabella Rose  K,  Korianne Cherise  M,  Juan Isaac  P,  Tate Christian  T,

    *******Q2 B Honor Roll*******

     Bailey Padraic  B,  Brandon M  C,  Alyssa Anne  C,  Nolan C.  C,  Jacob Bryan  C,  Samantha R  D,  Zachary  H,  Melissa M.  H,  Tristan Wyatt  K,  Katelynn V  L,  Dylan Jerome  M,  Wyatt M.  N,  Mariah M  N,  Kristen L.  S,  Benjamin Austin  S,  Briley Jo  Z,  Kalen Day  C,  Erica Leigh  D,  Jalynn Ramsee  E,  Blaine C  G,  Caleb Jay  G,  Danielle D  H,  Travis Anthony  H,  Amanda Dawn  J,  Kiley Nicole  R,  Zachary Dean  B,  Hannah Rose  C,  Wyatt Kendall  G,  Jose A.  G,  Heath Monroe  H,  Peyton Martin  M,  Evan Douglas  M,  Jaden T  M,  Jackson Charles  N,  Tanner Allen  R,  Isabelle Evelyn  S,  Kaleb Matthew  S,  Conner Roy  S,  Bailey Kay  V,  Noah D.  B,  Dawson Reed  C,  Kaitlin Jo  D,  Sydney Gene  G,  Madison E.  H,  Heather Christina  H,  Brynn Elizabeth  K,  John Thomas  K,  Mackenzie M.  O,  William R.  P,  Barrett Layden  S,  Violet June  S,  Braden Scott  W,  Noah James  B,  Dustin C.  C,  Tyler Daniel  G,  Teagan Allaura  H,  Kaleigh Elizabeth  J,  Rylee Jean  K,  Isaiah Elliot  M,  Emma Arlene  M,  Emily Rose  N,  Bailey Jean  P,  Dylan Kenneth  R,  Keith William  Z,  James Michael  A,  Michael Gregory  A,  Judson Robert  B,  Breanna R.  F,  John James  F,  Nolan Lincoln  G,  Spencer Joe  M,  Jasmine Marie  M,  Benjamin Michael  N,  Kiana Danae  S,  Jordyn Marie  S,  Caitlin Lee  S

Welcome to Centura Jr./Sr. High School

Centura Jr./Sr. High School is a North Central-accredited school of just under 250 students in grades 7-12, located in rural Central Nebraska along the banks of the Loup River. We are considered a Class C1 school for athletic competition. Centura is proud to sponsor a range of academic and extracurricular opportunities for its students to include:

One-Act College Level online Courses Band   
Basketball Employment Release Cheer  
Choir Cross Country Dance
FFA   FBLA Football  
Golf  Musical/Variety Show Trap Shooting
Track Speech Student Council
Wrestling National Honor Society Volleyball
Success Center Jazz Bank Drum line
Swing Choir Strength Conditioning Flag Corps

We believe one of our key differences is location.  Centura Public Schools was consolidated in 1967, and is located five miles from Boelus, Cairo, and Dannebrog, Nebraska.  Grand Island is a short, 17-mile drive and other area towns have a direct route to our facilities.  To enhance our Vision statement of A School Community about Students, Excellence, and Education, the entire school is networked and our teachers consistently utilize instructional technology to enhance instruction.

Centura’s vision is to promote a school community focused on kids, excellence and innovation.  

Centura is NCA accredited through AdvanceEd.

Centura High School offers the following career and technical education programs for all students regardless of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, including those with limited English proficiency, sex or disability:  Agricultural Education, Industrial Technology, Business Education, and Family and Consumer Science.  Persons seeking further information concerning the career and technical education offerings and specific prerequisite criteria should contact:

Tammy Holcomb, Principal

      --Mrs. Tammy Holcomb